Finally, a blog with [drum roll please…]

Mathjax and markdown1.


Markdown is enable for both posts and comments. It can be used like this:

Markdown is enable for both posts _and_ comments. It can be used like this:



One thing I hate about commenting on facebook, twitter, and most blogs is the lack of latex or mathjax equations.
But behold, if/when you want to tell me my math is terrible, you can!

$p(\theta|y) = \frac{p(y|\theta)p(\theta)}{p(y)}$

$p(\theta|y) = \frac{p(y|\theta)p(\theta)}{p(y)}$

Displayed equations can just use two \$\$ on each side instead: $$p(\theta|y) = \frac{p(y|\theta)p(\theta)}{p(y)}$$

  1. My markdown and latex2 addiction are really out of control at this point. 
  2. To clarify, my addiction is to $\LaTeX$, not latex 

Well, it’s about time.

I spend entirely too much time on the facebook groups (psychMAD, psychMAP, R2 must be stopped, bayesian methods, etc) discussing psychology, statistics, and inference.  Every day, I open my browser to visit entirely too many blogs about statistics and inference.  I respond to emails on mailing lists about statistics and inference. At times, I even spend hours in [usually civil] debates about these things, making new friendships, alliances, and in all probability, some accidental enemies.

At the same time, I have no real platform to vent frustrations about the life of a graduate student, nor do I have a space for going into much more detail about my perspectives on stat methods.

To feed this addiction of mine, and because I need a more permanent web presence, I’m finally just giving in and starting a blog. We’ll see how it goes.

This blog will probably lean toward thoughts about quantitative methods, frequentism and bayesianism, rants about my own field, and grievances about the graduate life.  Some may be short [and hopefully, at least somewhat humorous; at least to me], some may be longer and go into depth about some online debate I’m in, some simulation I ran to combat an argument, or some fun new intuitions or methods I’ve built.

If you already know me from twitter or facebook, hit me up with any questions you may want my longer thoughts on.